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13.4.2018 02:11


Hello Kuba, 

My name is Tomaz and I live close to Hostivarska Skalka.
In 2017, me and my girlfriend cleared all the rocks there, even the left one that was completely overgrown by the bushes (sipek) :) We also renovated all the signs and soon we will also add the difficulty signs to all the routes.
I'd like to climb the routes there, but it's very difficult to do a proper top-rope setting and it's just too dangerous to boulder it with "boudlermatka".
Were there some big trees there at the top 5-10 years back? Right now, I really cannot see a good top-rope setting.
When you were climbing there, did you use a breaking device (jistici brzda)? Was belaying done from the top or the bottom, or was there no belaying, just breaking? Did you use static or dynamic rope?
Thank you so much for your reply, really looking forward to complete the whole project there. I think it's wonderful rock, only it has been forgotten for years.
BTW: If you climb in any of the Prague gyms, we can meet sometimes and discuss this further :)
Have a great day!
Tomaz Kranjc
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