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Safe Footwear

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Michael Smith

16.6.2018 10:44

Safe Footwear



Last week my supervisor asked me to do some research on safe footwear for our Engineering Technicians, who are out in the field doing data collection. In NFPA 70E under article 130.7 for PPE it just lists leather work shoes. Which is fine but he wanted to know if NFPA or OSHA stated you shall have safety toed or steel toed shoes. I didn't really find anything definitive stating you should have those inside leather, electrical hazard or di-electric shoes. So I'm not sure what kind of toes are safer or in what kind of shoes are better. And I kept researching and didn't find any more information in regards to the 2012 70E. So what have some of your companies chosen to do and what is the safest footwear for our data collectors?

Please help.

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