Visit Spain for the first time?

Visit Spain for the first time?
Chobotnice a rybář ve Španělsku.
Autor snímku Stefan Leitner - Instituto Cervantes

Spain is a beautiful country with a most amazing beaches, plains, places, food, culture and places that could throughout their own minds and memories. It is for this reason are holidays in Spain in almost every bucket list adventure loving people in the world. However, just like you need some special preparation for the holiday in Egypt or in Italy or in India, you will need additional preparation for this holiday. 

Here are some useful recommendations from experienced travelers who want to help newcomers:

1. Best time to go: Is it true that southern Spain is experiencing in the period May-June hot and humid weather, but the northern part of the country at this time, cold and quiet. Winter hots Spain in early November is warmer compared to other European nations, but you will need a pair of shoes and a coat to keep you comfortable when the mercury drops. So the best time to visit southern Spain is now after years, ie from September to November, while the north is good between May and July.

2. Schengen visas for Spain: It is never fun to apply for a Schengen visa, you need to have demanded quite early if you're the first visitor. Just take care of that VFS has not been used for applications in Spain, but now you need to ask for BLS.

3. What all you need to pack: If you visit the southern end of the nation, you have to pack all summer and wear some sunglasses. And if you're traveling north, pack some winter clothes. If you are not accustomed to cold Europe, better to decorate your dress as you would for any other cool people.

4. Language problem: First drain the myth, it's a complete myth that you can not survive if you do not know Spanish in Spain. If you are traveling around the country by bus or taxi, you will see many of those who understand English and meet you back. If not, you can always be accompanied by English and Spanish guides. Unlike France or Italy, people here are very friendly and never judge you, you did not know Spanish.

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