The ideal sport summer in Wagrain - Kleinarl

The ideal sport summer in Wagrain - Kleinarl
E-Mountainbike Wagrain.
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Wagrain - Kleinarl offers perfect conditions for all bike fans and adrenaline junkies. Among the numerous kilometers of cycling and mountain biking trails, there are cozy trails for the Sunday afternoon excursion as well as fast downhill sections for extreme bikers.

New in the region are the e-mountainbikes, which make ambitious destinations accessible to everyone. If you are looking for a well-kept thrill, then you are in the right place in Wagrain - Kleinarl.

Because here in one o f the most breathtaking climbing regions in Austria not only routes created by nature await all climbers, but you will find every thing a climber's heart desires at the Flying Fox, Slacklines and the high and even low ropes course.

Get out of bed and directly on your e-mountainbike!

The special thing about Wagrain - Kleinarl is the nature. The e-mountain bike leads you to numerous destinations in the mountains of Salzburg.

Whether to the romantic Jägersee in the valley or to the farm museum Edelweiss-Alm to get to know how farmers baked bread in former times – with the e-mountain bike attractions are reached in the fresh air.


Call your bike: In der Salzburger Sportwelt the e-mountainbikes are delivered to the hotel and picked up again – of course with an emission-free electric car.


Action: up to the mountains!

The holiday region Wagrain - Kleinarl is located in the center of one of the most attractive climbing regions in Austria – not only the numerous routes and paths created by nature are waiting for all climbing enthusiasts.

The Kletter-Welt Wagrain - Kleinarl offers a high ropes course that leads through the landscape at a dizzying height, which guarantees challenges and variety for beginners as well as experienced climbers. Climbers of all ages (starting at the age of four) experience breath-taking adventures at the high and low ropes courses, in the team ropes course with 15 tricky team stations, on different slacklines, at the elements with water and wood, as well as in the adrenaline course, which leads vert igo up to a height of 18 meters.

For extreme adrenaline-junkies is the Flying-Fox Kesselfall-tour a perfect option: in lofty heights of up to 30 meters, a total of four waterfalls are crossed. The highlight is the 160 meter long zip line at the end of the tour. Three vie ferrate lead through the breathtaking mountain scenery – connected by aerial rope bridges, which offer unique views across the Alpine landscape.

For small climbers there is the children's course starting at the age of four years.


Grossarltal, feráta Franzl.

Aim high: Higher mountains, bigger biker-fun in the Bikepark Wagrain

No doubt: Where mountains are, mountain bikers are not far away. But where the mountains are even higher and even more beautiful – which is the case around Wagrain-Kleinarl – biking is even more fun. The Bikepark Wagrain has alot in store for action bikers: easier routes with simpler lines for beginners, the cult trail "Symphony" full of extreme curves, table tops, step-ups and drops, as well as old school single tracks ridd led with roots and tree trunks, but also a practice course.

The track "Hard Rock" is due to its length of three kilometers and the tricky root passages in the middle part a challenge for human and material. Once at the bottom, the cable car Flying Mozart waits to comfortably transport bikers and their bikes back up to the mountain top. And if you do not have the right bike with you, the material can be rented in the Bike-welt (opposite the cable car Flying Mozart).

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