Zpět na článek Ross Edgley plaval okolo celé Británie

Ross Edgley completes historic Great British Swim

Ross Edgley plaval okolo celé Británie

British adventurer Ross Edgley will celebrate completing 100 days at sea as part of his attempt to swim around mainland Great Britain. Ross has not set foot on land once during that time as he swims day and night, resting and refueling on a support boat in between his two daily six hour stints. After 100 days, Ross is on the north east coast of Scotland. He has swum 1,230 miles and completed an astonishing 1,600,000 strokes during 2,039 hours in the water, since setting off on June 1st from Margate, Kent.
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Strongman Ross Edgley has completed his historic Great British Swim in Margate after 157 days and 2,000 miles at sea in gruelling conditions.