Lesachtal Valley, the Ski Tour and Snowshoe Paradise

Lesachtal Valley, the Ski Tour and Snowshoe Paradise
Snowshoes / sněžnice Lesachtal.
Autor snímku Kärnten Werbung

Mountains covered in deep snow, forests dusted with fine snow, vast, white meadows: The Lesachtal Valley impresses with its pristine winter mountain world away from the hustle and bustle of the piste. It is an Eldorado for fans of ski tours and snowshoe walkers. The valley is one of the most natural winter walking areas in the Alps.

Lesachtal Valley, the Ski Tour and Snowshoe Paradise
Skitouring Karnische Alpen.
Autor snímku Kärnten Werbung

The natural stretch of land between the ridge of the Dolomites of Lienz and the Carnic Alps, away from levelled skiing tracks, appeals specially to fans of the gentle and quiet winter. Sliding along the cross-country ski trails with magnificent scenery as backdrop, climbing heights light-footed in snowshoes and cruising downhill through untouched powder snow on skis or snowboards – the Lesachtal Valley can be enjoyed in many ways.

The Grenzlandloipe - a track in the border area - measures 60 kilometres, offers dual track and skating and six to ten kilometres of snow-covered tracks in the area around the Biathlon Centre in Obertilliach. The Norwegian biathlete, winner of several World Cups and Olympic champion, Ole Björndalen, practises shooting and cross-country skiing here. A biathlon trial for guests is on offer.

Powder snow for beginners

Virginal deep snow slopes await skiers and snow boarders who like to find powder or firn snow ski runs just for themselves. Ski mountaineers start their two to four hours long ascent from a snow-reliable valley height of 1.000 metres and cruise downhill in untouched deep powder snow from up to 1.600 metres altitude - passing hay barns, alpine pastures and trees on their way down. The Lesachtal Valley offers special route services, equipment hire and guides to advice and plan your activities. Even beginners (from stem swing onwards) can get into the adventure under experienced supervision.

Lesachtal, Kärnten / Korutany.

On tour with snow board and snowshoe

Snow boarders can undertake tours in the Lesachtal Valley too. The snow board on your back and the snowshoes on your feet - off onto the mountain. Exchange the snowshoes for the snowboard at the summit and cruise downhill in powder snow. A real Lesachtal Valley hay bath or a massage with marmot oil, adding a sip of the local mineral water after a sleek descent - all may contribute to your relaxation at Tuffbad St. Lorenzen, the first Alm Wellness Hotel.

Renowned Alm Wellness

The methods of the padres of the nearby cloister Maria Luggau build the foundation of the wellness offers at the first Alm Wellness Hotel. Amongst eight different saunas is for example a Kraxenoven, which is heated by brook stones, or the Brechlbad, where rest seeking guests breath in steam smelling of fir branches. Authenticity is of utmost importance here. Not only do the treatments reflect regional, rural tradition consequently, the building materials used to build the Alm Wellness Hotel are mainly natural and regional and the kitchen team give preference to regional ingredients such as meat, eggs, milk, herbs and vegetables.


A ,Morende for the Jause 

Winter sportsmen and women enjoy Morende (farmer‘s fare) after fun and activity in the snow. The Morende, a hearty Jause (meal at lunchtime) from the Lesachtal Valley, consists of cold and warm delicacies like bacon, cheese, spreads, Schlipfkrapfen (filled pasta pockets), Frigga (fried bacon with alpine cheese), bacon dumplings and other delicious specialities. The Lesachtal Bread fresh from the oven of the farmers‘ bakeries accompanies the Morende perfectly. A tasty roast from the Lesachtal Lamb , which has fed on the aromatic grasses of the region‘s alpine pastures during the summer, might be served in the evening.

INFO: Naturarena and Lesachtal and Lesachtal Skitouren

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