REVIEW Scooter Yedoo Dragstr

REVIEW Scooter Yedoo Dragstr
Yedoo Dragstr. Zadní kolo je možné uchytit do rámu ve dvou výškách.
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The Yedoo Dragstr scooter with 20-inch wheels is a universal machine for daily work and weekend trips. It is fast enough for long journeys, while being agile to the city and small enough to be transported by public transport.

Yedoo Dragstr is a close relative of Rodstr. Both scooters are almost identical, the frame is the same, only the rear wheel of the Yedoo Rodstr is smaller.

If you are deciding between Dragster and Rodster, we recommend considering where and how often you go. The same size Dragster wheels 20 "- 20" are a little cheaper for longer trips, you can tell from say 10 km and more on a straight road. Rodstra's 20 "-16" wheels of various sizes guarantee a little more comfortable zigzagging in city traffic, moving on sidewalks and easier boarding of the train, bus, tram and metro.

In the spring and summer, we drove the Dragstr scooter from Yedoo through almost all terrains and traffic situations on which it is built. All test riders liked it because it is pleasant and easy to ride.

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A thousand kilometers

One man in his twenties went on a 100-kilometer trip to Dragstru in the rolling landscapes of the Pošumaví and Vysočina regions with a backpack on his back and slept in hammocks through the woods. The second twenties undertook tens of kilometers long geocaching expeditions to the caches in Prague and the Central Bohemian Region. Fifty on the Dragstra set out on full-day hikes along cycle paths and cycle routes on classic tourist topics - swimming, monuments, culture. The 50-year-old used the scooter mainly for fast movement for work and entertainment around Prague, combining streets, cycle lanes, cycle paths and public transport.

Other people rode the Dragster only a few times, but they all appreciated the ease of driving and good handling.

The scooter has now covered the first thousand kilometers.

Dragstr travels through the city like a butter knife

Above all, Yedoo Dragstr has to drive through the city. Even with its 20 "- 20" wheels, it fits on the bus in a place for prams and does not interfere with anyone. Dragstr also fits just on the back platform of the tram.

We appreciate not only the low weight on the stairs, but also the well-thought-out construction. It is not a problem to take a scooter in one hand, or in both, it doesn't matter, it doesn't push, it doesn't cut. Let us remember in this respect the not very successful folding scooter Mibo Royal, which always pushed or abraded us somewhere. In case we go up really long stairs, it is possible to throw a Dragstr scooter comfortably over his shoulder.

Speed with the wind in your hair and your head in the clouds

Outside in nature, we tried driving on roads, forest and field paths and terrain with stones. Dragstr stood everywhere.

However, it is necessary to take into account the lower tread, which is, on the other hand, an invaluable advantage in the case of longer rides. The tread width could be larger. Two legs next to each other can be placed, but definitely not with stable confidence. We were worried about slipping on the step, especially in the wet.

The tread is equipped with three anti-slip tapes, but within the first 100 kilometers, one began to peel off. Hard to say how long the tapes will last. "We know about the problem with tapes," says Petr Handlová from the production company Intrea-Piko. "With the new Alloy line, the straps will be handled so they don't fall off."

Stability is less drastic for the Dragster at low speeds than most other 20-inch scooters, comfort on a hard frame is not much on bumpy asphalt or even in light terrain, but it all replaces speed. Dragstr concentrates all the rider's efforts to move forward.

Although the Tektro brakes belong to the basic line in the field of cycling, it is enough for the Dragstr scooter. They never let us down. In addition, the braking force can be dosed well in them, although they are ordinary lids. But we also deserved it a bit ourselves, because we carefully take care of their adjustment and lubrication.

Kenda tires deserve an excellent award. For the purposes for which Dragstr was created, it sits like a shell. If we inflate them enough, they are fast on the road, but at the same time they keep track well and they are also able to drive on worse asphalt. This then gets the hands and body through the hard frame and handlebars to properly engage, but the vibrations are the smallest compared to, for example, falling to the ground or puncturing the tire.

High speed works for Dragster

From the hills on Dragster we drive on the roads most to the sixties and we could certainly go faster, but we did not race on such hills. At a speed of approximately 35 km / h, driving stability improves sharply. In fast descents, we don't even know how fast we whistle, so we have to pay attention to the long distance in front of us, whether we can go around the canal, the hole in the asphalt, brake before the turn, or on the contrary let the scooter go full and overtake the cars in front of us.

The grips are comfortable and thanks to the diagonal inclination of the edges in the wrap foam, they should serve for the correct posture.

At the back behind the tread is a strange crossbar and below it a bowl, where a lot of dirt, gravel and mud from our roads is captured. We understand that it is a reinforcing element of the frame construction and partly also a rear brake protector, but we still do not understand why the designer did not invent something else that would not bother the life of scooters.

On the contrary, we appreciate the attachment of the rear wheel in two heights to the rear frame structure. You probably won't change your bikes often, but this feature is used to raise or lower the ground clearance.

Simply put: If you drive mainly on a smooth surface, you set the step as low as possible, and you will drive better with less effort. If you are counting on a broken road or dirt roads, you will set the step higher so that you do not rub against the ground, but the ride is then a bit more strenuous.

You can buy the Yedoo Dragstr scooter in four colors. We recommend bright red, because it is best seen during the day even in poor visibility. Pastel green is also not to be overlooked. White looks a bit ordinary and certainly suits people who do not want to draw attention to themselves. The black color is elegant in itself and on the scooter separately.

It is noticeable to know the wear of the paint. The new scooter looks very elegant and even sexy in red. Anyone who uses the scooter to the fullest knows that they cannot do without abrasions. However, if you have a scooter as a design accessory and every scratch in the paint hurts, know that you will cry.

The varnish has chipped off in several places or there are clear scratches in it. We ride a lot, we don't get much fun, but we are not rude to the scooter. When compared to other scooters, the quality of the surface treatment of the Dragstr seems to us effective at first glance, but of lower quality.

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Yedoo Dragstr

Je tak sexy, že jediné, co z vykradeného sklepa zmizelo, byla tato koloběžka. Za 4 roky s tím nebyl jediný problém a jezdilo to super. Kromě oklouzané smirkové vrstvy na stupátku.

Až si ten černý kradený exemplář někdo koupí, bude tam mít na stupátku nový protiskluzový vzorek z šedé pryskyřicové hmoty.

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