Turkey Tourism Covid-19 Information

Turkey Tourism Covid-19 Information
Turecko na Matterhornu.
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We would like to update you on the information of Turkey Tourism Industry during the Covid-19 Pandemic. In order to provide a safe and sound travel for all our guests, we have prepared a presentation for the measures to be taken.

In this presentation, you will find vital information from leaving the home all the way to the inside of the airplane continue on with Quarantine situation in Turkey, Turkish borders’ current position plus the insurance coverage agains the disease etc.

Customs and Borders of Turkey

For those who are willing to travel to Turkey, the borders are wide-open while the custom processes are easy as a breeze that our
beautiful nation welcomes all to see and explore sun, sea, sun and beyond.

Our national Airline Turkish Airlines offers return flight options to over 200 countries with non-stop and mostly direct flights available all year round that we host travellers from all nationalities all over the globe.

Quarantine in Turkey?

There is no quarantine in Turkey for any travelers so feel free to plan on your vacation in Turkey. If there is a guest who has Covid 19 symptoms, will be isolated and take under control. If you happen to get caught by the Virus while in Turkey, you of course will be on Hospital Care covered by the Turkish Government as an official warranty for your well-being.

Are the Travelshop Turkey Offices Open during the Covid-19 Pandemic

Applying all Covid-19 procedures and taking preventive measures, all our Branch Offices are open during the Business hours.

All enquiries received are also replied back to within 24 hours. Please direct alal your correspondence to headoffice@travelshopturkey.com 

What Travelshop Turkey Provides

As TravelShop Turkey, we care about our guests’ well-being and safety to the maximum. In order to serve our incoming guests more efficiently, we act by the Ministry of Tourism and Health regulations verbatim.

Our team members, our vehicles, preferred accommodation venues and all other aspects on your trip are checked repeatedly to make sure that the Covid-19 virus threatening the globe doesnt affect you at all.

Your health, your well-being and happiness is our main concern until you go back home after spending memorable times with us, safe and sound….

What You Need to Do Prior to Getting on Your Flight

Each Airline Company requests a PCR Test being taken before the travelling starts. You will have a PCR test, 48 to 72 hours ahead of time and you need to get your results in hand before you depart for the Airport on your International Flight so the Airline
representatives will submit your PCR Test results during your flight check-in operation.

You will have your seat on board in line with social distancing rules, so you won’t be contacting anything or anybody to prevent contamination. With all the mesasures taken, the risks are going to be as less as possible during your flight time.

On Your Arrival to the Airport ot the Destination

* Health Declaration Card
Health Declaration Card to be distributed on board while in the aircraft that must be filled with complete & accurate information and returned to the officers.

* Health Screening
Passengers disembarking from the plane should undergo a health screening process with a thermal camera. If a high temperature is detected, you will be taken to a enclosed place for further examination.

* Visa Control Point
Entry Visa operations may vary in Turkish customs, depending on the country of origin. For your visa procedures, please visit the visa desk in the arrivals hall.

* Passport Control
A valid passport and / or entry visa must be shown to the Passport Police officer at the Passport Control counter as usual.

Passenger Baggage Claim Hall

After going through the Passport Control, you will be directed to the Arrivals hall. Here, you can see which carousel your luggage is on, by monitoring the electronic display on each section. Sabiha Gökçen Airport is proud to be able to deliver your luggage shortly after landing and has a large number of luggage trolleys available at the terminal to meet the passenger needs.

While waiting on your luggage’s arrival, we expect you to observe the social distancing regulations.

Meeting at Airport with Our Transfermen/Guides

After you pass through the custom and walk to exit gate , you will meet with your TravelShop Turkey transferman / Tour Guide who is going to be waiting for you, outside the gate. They will take you to your vehicle with the social distancing in mind and that you will leave your luggage to get on the vehicle as the driver will place your luggage inside the vehicle on behalf of you.

Safe Tourism Certificate for Our Vehicles

As TravelShop Turkey, we comply by all the regulations and restrictions in effect by Ministry of Tourism. Our vehicles are cleaned and cleansed on regular basis for hygiene and our Captains, Transfermen and Guides are being tested for Covid-19.

Our vehicles are compatible with Covid-19 precautions as to -every other seat- is used during the transportation skipping one seat for each row. All vehicles are equipped with mask, disinfectant, cleansing napkins and thermometer for your health and safety. We are proud to carry a Safe Tourism Certificate on all our vehicles.

Health Measures on the Vehicles

You will have a fresh new mask while in vehicle and you can use disinfectants available at all times during the transportation for your convenience.

All of our TravelShop Turkey Transfermen, Drivers and Guides are well informed and educated about the Covid 19 Pandemic Safe Tourism guidelines. They will follow up social distance rules and procedures applicable and they might remind you of the precautions during your trip.

Contactless temperature measurement application

Personnel are provided with the facility of hand disinfection along with personal protective equipment (such as mask, gloves etc.) suitable for their contact in the workplace with guests and the environment. Daily cleaning materials and hygienic personnel attire are provided. Guest rooms, surfaces and equipment in rooms that are touched by hand such as telephone, remote control, water heater, door-window handles are cleaned with disinfectant products when the guest's accommodation is over.

Personal protective equipment such as masks are kept available and provided upon request to the guests.

Disposable products in rooms

Isolation rooms on a separate floor and special personnel uniforms to be worn on this floor. The cleaning and hygiene for the kitchen and related areas, all kinds of hardware and equipment used in the kitchen, counter and storage areas are regularly provided. 

Service materials are washed in the dishwasher throughout the facility.

Process in Turkey for Covid-19

There is no necessity Covid-19 Test without any symptom in place. But your body temperature rises high and when it reaches on 37C or another symptom may appear, the guide or hotel staff will help you access to medical care.

Until the test result get «Negative», you will be in quarantine at isolated room. And if it is «Positive» then you will be in quarantine in the hospital till you get well. Quarantine extend depends on your healing process.

Dropping to the Airport

* The vehicle is going to be disinfected and cleaned.

* The driver body temperature will be controlled by our operatives.

* The driver is going to use a mask during the return Airport transfer just as well.

* The driver will take of your luggage so you do not contact with it while unloading.

* Once you reach to Airport, he will drop the luggages and will be careful about the social distancing rules.

PCR Test

You can go to a Hospital or Health Center to do PCR test, 48 to 72 hours prior to your departure and you need to get results before you arrive to Airport for your flight back home yet again.



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Turkey Tourism Covid-19 Information


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Turkey Tourism Covid-19 Information

Turkey Tourism Covid-19 Information

We would like to update you on the information of Turkey Tourism Industry during the Covid-19 Pandemic. In order to provide a safe and sound travel for all our guests, we

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