Take me back to Obertauern!

Take me back to Obertauern!
Vzpomínkový pomník na Beatles v Obertauern.
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It's been far too long since you discovered the snow-covered mountains and enjoyed an evening by a cosy, warm open fire. But things are looking up! Because for the start of the winter season 2021/22, Austria's snowiest winter sports resort invites you to come and say: "Take me back to Obertauern!".

Take me back.
To great slopes.
And an even greater atmosphere. To powder snow and mountains of Kaiserschmarrn.
Take me back to a winter that feels just the way I like it.
Take me back to Obertauern.


This winter, we want to go all the way to the top again to satisfy our longing for freedom, light-heartedness, peace, and relaxation. At the perfect altitude, Austria's "snow bowl" offers everything your heart desires. With a perfect ski-in & ski-out location and over 100 kilometres of pistes, every ski fan will find the right track. The lifts are arranged in such a way that all pistes can be skied either clockwise or anti-clockwise until you arrive back at the starting point. This legendary Tauern Round comprises 26 modern cable cars and lifts that act as feeders and connectors. No one has to unstrap their skis to cross the road either, as generous ski bridges are readily available. And there is a total of 10 entry points throughout the ski area, which guarantee relaxed lift rides at any time of day.

Once you get to the top, a fitting season opening will take place from 25 - 28 November 2021. Obertauern is particularly pleased that Söhne Mannheims will be making a stop in Obertauern on their "TAKE ME BACK" tour. The German cult group is back on snow after more than 10 years. As you jam and sing along, you are getting in the mood for the extra-long natural snow season that lasts until the beginning of May.

VIDEO Obertauern Ski

In addition to the best-tried fun on the slopes, Austria's snowiest winter sports resort has the ultimate bucket list of activities in store! And those who can't wait for anything more than a warming cup of cocoa or a hunter's tea by the open fire after an adventurous day in the deep-snow winter wonderland, can look forward to a stay in one of the hotels that have been family-run for generations – here luxury meets cosiness and sophistication. This is also the attitude of the numerous restaurants, which have fully resumed their operations and, as usual, round off every snow day perfectly with tasty Kaiserschmarrn and steaming semolina dumpling soup.

This is also where children's dreams come true here. The family-friendly ski resort invites you to experience unique snow worlds for young and old. Bobby, the snow bunny and local mascot of Obertauern, accompanies children on their way through the ski resort. No matter whether it's first ski runs, fun sledding, or extensive snowball fights: This winter destination has everything to make children's hearts beat faster.

There are two new photo points which will be available right from the start of this season: On the Hundskogel, a 360° viewing platform has been built, equipped with a telescope, inviting you to explore hidden corners. For all those who want to go high up this winter, the highest panoramic swing in the Salzburg province will be inaugurated this season at the picturesque Schaidberg. But also, the famous Beatles statue and the #loveobertauern picture frame will once again offer unique photo backdrops for your winter holidays.
So, it's high time to go back to Obertauern and enjoy this winter at the top!

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Take me back to Obertauern!

Take me back to Obertauern!

It's been far too long since you discovered the snow-covered mountains and enjoyed an evening by a cosy, warm open fire. But things are looking up! Because for the start of
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